How do we operate?

Our main objective is to support the educational needs of the rural villages in Malaysia by providing books and other resources for community learning centers and village libraries. Our main focus is the indigenous villages (Orang Asli and Orang Asal) as they are the ones most under-served in Malaysia. Our project also aims to encourage volunteerism and promote social responsibility.

Because we are a small organization, what we do is provide resources to places where there already is an existing structure on the ground to receive and use the books. We do not plan to, and neither are we equipped, to build libraries from scratch. Instead we provide support, in terms of resources, for villages that either already have a learning center or in the process of starting one. We also try to work with places which we are already familiar with, or have NGO partners who know and work with the villages.

One organization we have worked with is PACOS, a community organizing NGO those does great work in Sabah. In Peninsular Malaysia, we are working with SPNS (Sinui Pai Nanek Sengik, which in Semai language means One Heart, New Life), an Orang Asli grassroot organization based in Perak, supporting their network of community learning centers and pre-schools. In conjunction with the project with SPNS , we are working with a sister organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Projek Sudut Baca.

Our team members are all volunteers. We raise funds by organizing book drives and other activities. We also accept donations from individuals who are interested in supporting our work directly (you can contact us or make a donation through the paypal link on this website). We also encourage and can help support individuals or groups who want to organize fund raising activities.  For example, one of our team members is running a marathon and raising fund through this event, and another member is holding a bake sale to raise funds among her friends.

We are a small group working with minimal funds, but we can ensure you that we put 100% of the funds we raise into the buying and sending books to the villages. As we send out each batch of books, we will update our blog to explain how the funds have been used and show where the books have been sent.

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4 thoughts on “How do we operate?

    • Hi Huat Heng,

      Thank you for your offer.

      Where are you based– in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore?

      I will email you a name and address you can write your check out to.


      - Sabrina

      • Hi Sabrina,

        May I perform fund transfer into Mari Kita Membaca organisation account? its much easier for me than donate through paypal or send in cheque.


        • Hi Sean,

          Thanks for your interest in supporting our project. Our account is based in Singapore, so if that is not a problem for you then we can send your our account information.

          We are definitely thinking of setting up an account in Malaysia as well, so if you hold on for a while longer, we can send you the information as soon as we get it.

          Would you mind sending us your email address so we can email you more detailed information?

          Thanks again for your support. We really appreciate it!

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