Library Box in Kahang hostel

Some time ago we heard of a group of volunteers from Kluang, Johor who were conducting weekly tuition at a nearby Orang Asli village, Kampung Air Pasir. So we sent them a Library Box. However, interest among the primary-school-age kids dropped off somewhat, so the books were instead sent to the secondary school hostel in Kahang where the older kids from this community go.

Uncle Woon, one of the volunteers says:

…we teach them at the hostel every Tuesday afternoon.
There were 4 secondary school students but now there are only two. Two students went back to their kampung because their grandmas missed them.  The warden’s 2 children also join in the tuition. They are weak in their studies. Hope we can help them improve.
There will be more students coming to the hostel next year.

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