Kg Tekir English Enrichment Program

Hello Kg Tekir!

On 10th March, Mari Kita Membaca visited Kampung Tekir to kick-off our English enrichment program. Many thanks to our new volunteers for their efforts in leading the activities! Most of our new volunteers are staff from Teach For Malaysia.

We started off with songs and games, followed by a craft activity.

Outdoor activities with the kids

This time, we delivered activity books for the preschool children and set up a reading corner. The kids went wild with the alphabet mat and the colourful stools. We ended with a reading session in small groups. The purpose of this was to get the younger children interested in books, and to build the confidence of older children in reading aloud.

Get Involved

For the next six months, we will visit Kg Tekir at least once a fortnight to run English enrichment programs. These are fun activities such as games, songs, picnics, and videos to help the children speak English with confidence. While these activities go on, we also teach English to advanced students and the kindergarten teachers.

If you would like to join us on our trips, please email [email protected] to get involved.

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