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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good Day,

    I came across this website from a friend’s status and I am overwhelmed by the works of your team. It is very inspiring to know that People Care and would want to contribute back to society.

    I would love to join in the team and help out as I am very passionate about the Orang asli people myself. Organized couple of charity drive for festive seasons for the Orang Asli in Malaysia.

    Please do let me know, what details I need to furnish and also what are the responsibility / task that entails for the team member.

    Thank you and Hope to hear from yourside.

    Best Regards

    • Hi Navinderan, thanks for your interest in helping out Orang Asli kids! If you would like to donate cash or books please email [email protected] and we will reply with bank account/address information.

      As for helping out in other ways – e.g. fundraising, buying books, transport – we don’t meet on a regular basis but will be having a get-together in January. If you live in Malaysia further away than Johor, you may be better off contacting our sister organisation Orang Asli Community Learning Centres Outreach Project. They’re based in KL and do similar work – they have been our “postmen” to send books to some of the kampungs. Their Facebook page is

    • Hi Navinderan, thank you for your interest. I wanted to just follow up from my colleague’s reply. We also encourage supporters to create their own fund-raising activity –say, you live in KL, you can perhaps organize a dinner or book drive etc among your friends. We at MKM can provide support by giving you information about the villages, pictures etc. For example, a friend living in NYC is planning to have an event at her place–tapping into her circle of friends–they are then planning donate the funds to our project so that we can buy books here in Malaysia. This way we can expand our network of not only people supporting the Orang Asli villages but also being better informed about the challenges facing the community. Feel free to email us if you have further questions. Thank you again for writing in and for you work for the Orang Asli.

      best wishes, Lin

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